Rex is an art enthusiast and amateur musician who loves all things that stimulate his five senses. He began his career as a part-time graphic designer at Sansegal Sportswear Art Studio while attending university full-time. He then moved to the bay area to focus his career in food, music, and hospitality. He worked as a banquet director for the Fine Dining Hall of Fame’s Tommy Toy’s downtown. He later joined HC Inc, a U.S.-based wholesale group in the alternative smoking industry as ACD creative. In 2015, Rex earned a graduate degree in Advertising at the Academy of Art. He settled in San Francisco, enjoyed freelancing as a senior art director for a number of agencies around the bay.

In his free time, he makes furniture woodworking, and large-scale oil painting. He's a major trafficker of information; he tries to learn everything he can. He plays guitar and drums. He's an easy-going person. Feed him a pencil and paper, he goes places with his head. He's a first-rate travel-buddy, a strong hiker, and an antique car lover.